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Counterfeit Sasquatch New England IPA

ABV: 6.8% • IBU:40

ABV: 6.8% • IBU:40
House Beer • Draft & Cans

Formerly known as Haze Tupid NEIPA, Counterfeit Sasquatch is hazy & juicy. It’s like a glass of citrus juice crowned with a creamy foam. Scents of tangerine zest and hints of cardamom greet your nose, while the  medium bodied mouth feel lends to a soft bitterness that carries across the entire palate. Bigfoot may not be real, but Counterfeit Sasquatch
is as real as it gets!

About the Style

Emphasizing hop aroma and flavor without bracing bitterness, the New England IPA leans heavily on late and dry hopping techniques to deliver a bursting juicy, tropical hop experience. The skillful balance of technique and ingredient selection, often including the addition of wheat or oats, lends an alluring haze to this popular take on the American IPA.

Brewing Info

Haze Tupid is brewed with Golden Promise malts, Malted Oats, Golden Naked Oats, Flaked Wheat, and Citra, Cascade, Mosaic, and Idaho7 hops.

Food Pairing

Complements intensely flavorful, highly spiced dishes, such as curry, and bold, sweet desserts like flourless chocolate cake and crème brulée.


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